Remember to put names on your travel-bags

Many people like to travel around in the world, and in the most cases you have one or several bags with you. One problem with travelling people is that they don’t remember to mark their bags with their name, phone number etc. Are you one of those? I recommend that you put your name and phone number on your bags, because it’s very easy to see your own bag when you is standing and searching for your bag at the airport or at a buss-station, if it’s marked.

What do I need name labels for?

When you’re in crowdy places it’s very hard to find your own stuff, and especially at airports when everybody wants their stuff quickly. And there might also be several similar bags and then it’s hard to not take the wrong bag.


How does name labels work?

The best labels are these woven labels. You can pick your own design and just put it where you want to have it and sew, with your hands or with a sewing machine. It’s actually really easy and it only takes a few minutes. If it’s impossible to sew on your travel-bag you can get these iron-on labels that is very easy to put on your stuff.

Where do I get these labels from?

There are many sites and shops that are selling name labels. And they often only cost a few dollars/pounds/euros and you can buy name labels for your whole family. These name-labels are high quality and it makes your bag very personal.

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